Foreign TV cigarette ads…

December 18th, 2007

Hello all,

Been taking in some online videos lately and stumbled onto some foreign TV cigarette ads. I think they don’t come up on searches for ‘cigarette ad’, ‘smoking’, or ‘cigarette’ because they have Chinese, Japanese, and/or otherwise Far Eastern (I believe?) characters… and I don’t their alphabet(s).

Of course, Japan, China, and other countries in the Far East have been known for quite some time to be more “smoking” societies than the United States… although I believe that’s changed, I’m pretty sure it’s much more recent than here in the United States. It appears they were still advertising cigarettes on TV in the 1990s in some countries.

There’s a few things I noticed. At least from what I’ve seen, they don’t seem to focus on the women smoking as much… the focus seems much more on men smoking. Except, perhaps… for the Winston ads I saw. I only found one Salem ad where they clearly showed a woman smoking… and they didn’t focus on it. Even found a few Viceroy ads that were pretty good.

(Perhaps no big surprise… watching all these beautiful TV cigarette ads definitely had me blowing away… I’ve always been a big blower when I smoke… and wanting to buy a pack of cigarettes and smoke. If there’s any chance you might respond similarly, and that’s not okay,… and you think this is going to make you too uncomfortable, I’d recommend you just not watch… too many… of them in one sitting, if you will.)

(Keep your hand on your volume knob because these were all recorded at varying volumes…)

Salem ad with woman smoking…
Foreign 1985 Salem TV ad

Winston ads with women smoking…
Foreign 1986 Winston TV ad
Foreign 1989 Winston TV ad
Foreign 1980 Winston 100s TV ad
Foreign 1988 Winston Lights TV ad

Foreign 198x? Viceroy TV ad

I did find,… although now I’ve lost the link… a few Virginia Slims commercials, I believe from the 80s. Again, it seemed a bit odd because the women didn’t smoke… they just seemed to act ‘cute’, if you will… but, to me, rather noticeably, that didn’t include smoking cigarettes…

I also found a Salem Slim Lights ad, but lost the link to that too.

I found some really good foreign Kent ads. There’s a bunch of Parliament Blue ads, but they don’t show people much. Although many of these indicate that many in these foreign cultures were, and perhaps still are, quite familiar with, and seem even entranced, with American popular culture.

Foreign 199x? Parliament Blue TV ad

Foreign 1988 Kent TV ad

I also found a couple Capri ads… these are nice, but, in one of them, there’s no smoking.

(In particular, this 1988 Capri TV ad is recorded LOUD…)
Foreign 1988 Capri TV ad
Foreign 1995 Capri TV ad

Also… a real surprise for me. I found this Newport TV ad…

Foreign 1987 Newport TV ad

Which raises something interesting… I believe(!) both Newport AND Kent are sold by Lorillard here in the United States, but those foreign Newport and Kent TV ads seem to have the B&W logo on them… indicating Brown & Williamson was selling those brands in these foreign countries at that time.

I’ve stumbled onto things like this before… does anyone know much about this? Do the tobacco companies trade away rights to sell particular brands in various countries?

Also… does anyone know how to spell ‘cigarette’, ‘ad’, ‘advertising’, or ‘smoking’ in these Far Eastern alphabet(s)? Does anyone know if the brand names are sometimes transliterated as well?

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Removing the CRLFs and blanks between tags in HTML…

July 1st, 2007

Hello all,

One of the things left out in my previous post above where I discussed how to include a picture from MSAF into a message board post was how to remove the carriage returns, line feeds, and blanks between HTML tags… which comes up just before posting the HTML segment containing the code for posting the picture to the message board.

One good way of doing this… which I’ll not discuss here in this post… is to use a Perl library. I believe the best one to use is called HTML-Clean… oddly enough, no, I don’t believe HTML-Tidy does what we need here. If memory serves me, it’s HTML-Clean. Perhaps I’ll write more on this in a later blog entry.

What I’ll demonstrate here are some methods of removing the CRLFs and blanks between HTML tags that involves using Windows applications and command-line tools.

I think a video will be the best form of presentation…

Removing CRLFs, WS between HTML, and other stuff

(It appears the sync between video and audio in the Flash video is substantially lost late in the video. You’ll probably notice the video appears to lag the audio, particularly when I talk about Parallels.)

Take care,


Posting a picture from MSAF to a message board using FrontPage…

May 21st, 2007

Hello all,

 I promised TVK from the Smoke Signals message board that I’d demonstrate how to post a picture from MSAF to a message board using FrontPage…

 Actually, I’m not entirely certain I can embed HTML into a blog post, and/or precisely how… well, there’s a tag on this post input screen for ‘Code’… that probably means HTML or unicode…

 So, hopefully this link will lead you to the webpage have the Flash video of how to post a picture from MSAF to a message board using FrontPage (2000 is the (old) one I have)…

How to post a picture to a message board

If, for some reason, that link doesn’t work, you can cut-and-paste this link into your browser…

Also… obviously, you’ll need Flash on your computer…  Let’s see if I can find a link to it if you need it, although your browser, etc., may guide you anyway.  I think this will probably be the right link… Flash Player Download

In case that link doesn’t work, hopefully you’ll be able cut-and-paste this URL into your browser…

 Also… this Flash video is about 16-17 minutes long… I wouldn’t try watching it if you don’t have a high-speed connection.  You might be able to download it (which I can’t tell you how to do yet!?! … sorry)… but, streaming it will probably be very slow.  Although I’m not really sure, please let me know of your experiences in viewing this Flash video.

Take care,


PS I first made the Camtasia Studio project for 800×600, but that seemed kinda small, so I’m remaking it for 1024×768.  Hopefully it’ll be easier to see.  Also, in the Flash video, I think I might have said left mouse-click where I meant right mouse-click in one, or more, places… however, you’ll probably be able to figure it out if I said the wrong one…